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Sustainable Living Circles

Connect with others interested in sustainable living to improve our interconnected social and environmental impacts.

Communities of Support

Equity and Sustainability Consulting created these circles because it is not easy to live a life committed to sustainability and equity. Most of Western society is founded on unsustainable and inequitable values, practices, and impacts, which makes it difficult to maintain a sustainable life and especially when there are few people around interested in making such a lifestyle commitment.

These circles are spaces where people can connect with each other to find support, community, and resources to advance our commitments to equity and sustainability.

Visit the form to 

  • Sign up for the Sustainable Living Circle World monthly meetings - remote 

  • Sign up for the Sustainable Living Circle in USA monthly meetings - remote 

  • Sign up for the Sustainable Living Circle in Nebraska monthly meetings - remote and in-person

  • Sign up for the BIPOC Sustainable Living Circle monthly meetings - remote

  • Sign up for creating a Sustainable Living Circle in your community!

If you have any questions, please email

You can continue to prepare to join community by reading and following our Sustainable Living Circles Welcoming Guide.

Stay Connected:

  • You can join our WhatsApp group with this link and our Facebook Group here.

  • Follow our soon to come socials: Facebook and Instagram

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