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  • Founded a community-driven nonprofit Together for Nature (TFN) focused on engaging BIPOC, environmental justice communities, and youth to participate and lead in sustainability efforts in Lake County, IL

  • Developed the compliance process for compostable laws for the City of San Rafael, CA

  • Conceived and implemented a reusable container program Eco-2-Go for Beloit College, Beloit, WI

  • Created  and taught sustainability education programming for middle and high schoolers for in Beloit, WI

  • Created and led an internship program and vendor outreach plan for a sustainable start-up Sparkl Reusables in San Rafael, CA 

  • Developed recommendations for integrating underserved producers and local climate friendly food into federal food procurement for a national organization Natural Resources Defense Council  (NRDC) in Santa Monica, CA


  • Conceived, prepared, and obtained a $250,000 grant to fund community-driven research in SD with the Indigenous Kinship Circle

  • Developed surveys for the IKC that identify how Indigenous leaders interact with and prioritize social and ecosystem services in the Northern Great Plains

  • Collaborated with Buffalo Nations Grasslands Alliance to plan research that supports the socioecological resilience of Indigenous people in the Northern Great Plains

  • Developed an equitable community engagement plan for underserved communities for the City of San Diego, CA

  • Worked to institutionalize equity education at Beloit College, Beloit, WI through Students for an Inclusive Campus

  • Organized community to pass a school resolution to protect immigrant families in Waukegan, IL through Lake County Immigrant Advocacy (LCIA)

  • Compiled and analyzed a Community Needs Assessment in Beloit, WI through Community Action, Inc

  • Established a Complete Count Committee to include all underserved groups in the Census in Lake County, IL through LCIA

  • Compiled recommendations for developing equitable programs for payments for ecosystem services for a national nonprofit in Santa Monica, CA for NRDC

  • Developed and implemented a Sustainability Mentorship Program for youth in Lake County, IL for TFN

Community Engagement

  • Led equitable engagement for IKC in order to develop community-driven strategy and connect with Indigenous communities across Turtle Island/North America

  • Guided IKC in identifying priorities and shaping organizational strategy with community input

  • Mentored and coordinated underserved youth volunteers, developing their professional skills in Lake County, IL

  • Directed campaigns to challenge oppression from the local to the national in Wisconsin and Illinois through United Students for Fair Trade and LCIA

  • Guided and mentored a group of young professionals, teaching them how to create institutional change to advance immigrant rights in Lake County, IL through LCIA

  • Planned and directed community engagement efforts for a variety of direct service nonprofits in Lake County, IL

  • Managed partnership development for a variety of nonprofits in Lake County, IL

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